A Guide for Telecommunications Cable Splicing

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A Guide For Telecommunications Cable is available from Amazon.com


Author: John Highhouse

(C) 1997

ISBN: 0-8273-8066-6


Written by an experienced cable splicer (who also happens to be a college instructor), this book is designed for the field technician level reader who wants to learn the practical aspects of cable splicing. It contains a wealth of information and technical specifications for both paired copper as well as fiber optic cables.
Starting with a history of cable and progressing through the color code, cable types, and connectors the text also discusses complex subjects such as cable throws (transfers), load coils and troubleshooting buried cable faults.
The text is designed to be used in an instructor-lead classroom/lab situation or in the field as a reference for novice through experienced technicians.

Table of Contents:
1. History of Telecommunications Cables
2. An Overview of Outside Plant
3. The Telephone Cable Color Codes
4. Types of Cables and Their Locations
5. Making the Right Connections
6. Bonding the Cable Shield
7. Splice Closures
8. Cable Terminals
9. Cable Pair Treatments
10. Locating Cable Path and Depth
11. Cable Fault Analysis and Location
12. Reading Cable Prints
13. Cable Transfers
14. Setting Up a Splice
15. Fiber Optic Cables

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A Guide For Telecommunications Cable is available from Amazon.com


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