Data, Voice and Video Cabling

This book has been replaced by The FOA Reference Guide to Premises Cabling  as the reference for FOA CPCT Certification since 2010. 

 Data, Voice and Video Cabling textbook


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By Jim Hayes and Paul Rosenberg

3nd Edition, SBN 1-4283-3472-6

This book on data, voice and video cabling installation was co-written with well-known author and trainer Paul Rosenberg. It was developed from the Cable U training programs, Wire U and Fiber U.

It is a "hands-on" book, with minimal theory and lots of practical advice. It covers both copper wiring (coax, telephone, and Cat 3 and Cat 5 LAN cabling) and fiber optics in separate sections. Each section has chapters on the basics, components, installation practice and testing. Also included is a overview of communications and information on the cabling business.

If you are interested in cabling installation, you will find this book to be an invaluable reference. It includes descriptions of the hands-on processes used in installing data/voice/video cabling.

If you are an instructor interested in teaching communications cabling, you will like the comprehensive instructor's guide available from Delmar for the book and the support we can supply to your organization. Numerous training programs are using this book.

If you are interested in fiber optics as well as communications wiring, you may be interested in The Fiber Optic Technicians Manual also by Jim Hayes.

Table of Contents:

Part 1
History of Telecommunications
The Technology of Communications
Overview of Cabling Installations
Structured Cabling

Part 2 Copper Wire
Telephone Cabling Systems
Video System Installation
Network Cabling
Voice, Data and Video Wire Testing
Wiring Termination Practices

Part 3 Fiber Optics
Overview of Fiber Optic Installations
Optical Fiber and Cable
Fiber Optic Termination and Splicing
Fiber Optic Testing
Fiber Optic Installation Practices

Part 4
Business Issues

Part 5 Appendices
Labor Rates

Published by Delmar Publishers
ISBN: 0-7668-0964-1

Data, Voice, and Video Cable Installation is available from


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