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This is a description of the processes used in outside plant (OSP) or outdoor fiber optic cable construction, basically what happens before and during the process of installing the fiber optic cable plant. The FOA has extensive material available in our textbooks and online FOA Guide on what is involved in the fiber installation process (cable installation, preparation, splicing, termination and testing), so consider this the textbook for the construction processes that occur before the typical FOA CFOTÒ certified techs begin their work.
The audience for this includes the management of organizations owning or installing fiber optic cable plants, designers or estimators of the cable plant, as well as the actual CFOTÒ certified techs doing the installation work. It is intended to provide background information on the entire project and in conjunction with the other FOA information on basic fiber, OSP fiber, design and testing, provide complete information on all stages of a fiber optic communications project.
It is important to remember that every fiber optic cable plant project is unique! FOA provides these guidelines for understanding the processes involved in construction but it is the responsibility of the project managers and workers to interpret these guidelines appropriately for the cable plant being built.
Other References
As with any fast-moving technology, keeping abreast of the latest technology, techniques and products can be a daunting task. Here are some references that will assist you.
FOA Websites
The FOA website,, has a special section of the Online Fiber Optic Guide with almost 1000 pages on technical information on fiber optics. It is an up to date reference to all topics related to fiber optic communications and is a study guide for FOA Certifications as well as a reference for those interested in refreshing or increasing their knowledge of fiber optics. The FOA Guide is so large we provide a Custom Search for the site to help you find specific topics of interest.
Fiber U - Free Online Training

The FOA has also created an online learning site, Fiber U at, that offers free online courses for self-study. At Fiber U, you will find self-study programs for many topics related to fiber optic communications including fiber optic network design. Courses at Fiber U offer a Fiber U Certificate of Completion for those completing the classes and passing an online exam.
FOA Textbooks
The FOA has published other Reference Guides that are the references for FOA certifications. These books are the reference books you should have on your bookshelf.

The FOA Outside Plant Construction Guide is a concise reference for the installation of fiber optic cables, including the construction involved in underground, direct-buried and aerial cables. This book is the printed version of the material in this section of the FOA Guide.
The FOA Reference Guide to Fiber Optics is a general reference guide for fiber optics and the basic study guide for the CFOT certification.
The FOA Reference Guide to Premises Cabling is a reference guide for copper and fiber optic cabling and wireless as used in indoor applications and the basic study guide for the CPCT certification.
The FOA Reference Guide to Outside Plant Fiber Optics is a reference guide for fiber optic cabling as used in outdoor applications and the basic study guide for the CFOS/O certification.
The FOA Reference Guide to Fiber Optic Network Design is a reference guide for designing fiber optic cabling networks, both OSP and premises.
The FOA Reference Guide to Fiber Optic Testing is a comprehensive reference guide for testing fiber optic cabling and networks.
All FOA textbooks are available for purchase from Amazon and most booksellers.
Disclaimer: This information is provided by The Fiber Optic Association, Inc. as a benefit to those interested in teaching, designing, manufacturing, selling, installing or using fiber optic communications systems or networks. It is intended to be used as an overview and/or basic guidelines and in no way should be considered to be complete or comprehensive. These guidelines are strictly the opinion of the FOA and the reader is expected to use them as a basis for learning, as a reference and for creating their own documentation, project specifications, etc. Those working with fiber optics in the classroom, laboratory or field should follow all safety rules carefully. The FOA assumes no liability for the use of any of this material.
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