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The links on this page have been moved to the Table of Contents of The FOA Online Fiber Optic Reference Guide.

The FOA Guide began many years ago as "Tech Topics" - a free resource for the fiber optic industry - here we published numerous webpages, technical papers and links on fiber optics, with content ranging from the basics for the novice to state of the art papers.
In 2008, we expanded this section to the FOA Guide which has expanded to almost one thousand pages of technical information.

The FOA Online Fiber Optic Reference Guide is now the source of technical information on the FOA website, organized as a reference guide for training or self-study. It expands on FOA Tech Topics with more details and adds self-study programs for students.

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Free Self-Study Programs
Lennie Lightwave   Fiber U
Lennie Lightwave and Fiber U are back! Free self-study programs are online at Fiber U.
You can view >100 videos on the FOA channel on videos
Fiber Optic Jobs 
Jobs in Fiber Optics - FOA Advice on Finding Them  
Fiber Optic Job Titles.
For Educators or Students:

Fiber Optic Resources For STEM Teachers  

A Fiber Optic Science Project
Fiber Optic Project for a Science Fair Or Scouts
Fiber Optic Teaching Lab Manual (PDF) (DOC) 

Does Glass "Flow" Over Time? Is It Really a Liquid?

Fiber Optic Lighting
The FOA is really focused on fiber optics in communications, but we get requests for information on lighting so we have created a tutorial. 
Fiber Optic Lighting Tutorial
Here is a website that has some very good examples of fiber optic lighting.

More detailed information can be found on the FOA Online Reference Guide.

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