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Errata Sheet For The Fiber Optic Technicians Manual, 3rd Edition

Like all books, a few typos or other mistakes creep into the final book. We'll track all we find and post them here.

Page 81, Chapter 5 Review Questions: # four should be "Three ways to "future-proof" an installation.

Page 89, Chapter 6, Figure 6-4. The captions from the top should be "Air Gap", "Flat PC", "Domed PC", and "APC". The title should be "Connector End Finishes".

Page 222, Fig 17-6. The screen capture of an OTDR display replaced this drawing, which is a clearer reference to the FOA certification tests.


Page 252, Appendix A, Glossary: Optical Power: (where 0 dBm = 1 mw) and the rest of the paragraph deleted.



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