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The FOA offers corporate membership to companies involved in the fiber optic industry such as manufacturers, contractors, installers, consultants, etc.

The FOA evaluates applicants based on their involvement in the fiber optic industry and membership is subject to review by The FOA Corporate Member Advisory Committee.  Companies whose primary business is training (e.g. offering paid training programs to the general public) are not eligible for corporate membership but may apply to become an FOA Approved School. Companies who offer training to their employees and customers are eligible to become corporate members.
What are the benefits of FOA corporate membership?

The FOA has a searchable online database of members intended to be a worldwide guide to fiber optic companies. Here is the List of corporate members and information provided by FOA corporate members listed on the FOA website. Special access to our training and certification programs:

FOA Approved Schools are also listed in a separate online database.  The FOA can recommend an Approved School to train and certify your employees.  They are also a great source of FOA certified graduates if you are looking to hire new workers.  

Fiber U, the FOA online learning site offers free online training.  It is a good resource for your employees to improve their knowledge whether they are new hires or experienced workers needing to gain new skills.   Take an online exam and, when you pass the exam, get a "Certificate of Completion" for that course (cost: $10 - $20).

FOA’s Direct Certification Program is designed for experienced fiber technicians to test for FOA certifications without the need for classroom training, based on the applicant’s knowledge and skills developed working the field.

FOA Direct OJT Program is designed for companies who want to provide a training opportunity for qualified employees who have limited or no experience in fiber optic installation.  Workers learn on the job under the supervision of experienced co-workers

Custom training program for your company – we provide recommendations and educational materials to help you set up your own training program incorporating “train the trainer”, online Fiber U and “on the job” hands-on training, focusing on the unique needs of your company.

Other Benefits

We provide a “FOA Corporate Member” logo (see above) to be used literature, websites, etc. under the FOA guidelines.

Corporate members should join the FOA network on LinkedIn and other social media where the FOA publishes job and contracting opportunities and technical discussions are ongoing.

Corporate members may purchase FOA textbooks in bulk at a discount (typically 40%). Contact the FOA for details.

Corporate members have a voice in industry standards through FOA participation.

Other FOA Resources:

The FOA Online Guide is free and has almost 1000 pages of unbiased technical information. It is set up to search on your phone, allowing busy contractors to research technical issues that come up in the field. 

The FOA “Careers in Fiber Optics” is designed for high schoolers who might be considering a career in fiber optics.  A good outreach tool for future recruits.

Membership Fee: $100US
One time fee for listing - corporate members will be asked to renew their membership data every few years and update contact information, at no charge.

When applying, you must provide all the corporate information on the application including email and website information. FOA will review your application and use your website to verify that you are in a business that qualifies.

Online application form

*The FOA evaluates applicants based on their involvement in the fiber optic industry and membership is subject to review by The FOA Corporate Member Advisory Committee. The FOA reserves the right to deny membership to any organization that does not meet our criteria for membership.  Companies whose primary business is training are not eligible for corporate membership. They must apply for FOA school approval.

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